More Pokémon X & Y Info From CoroCoro, 4 New Pokémon?

According to the incriminating evidence below, Pokémon X & Y will have four new Pokémon.

Yancham- A fighting-type Pokémon with a move called “Parting Remark.”

Elicitel- A electric/normal-type Pokémon that uses a move named “Parabola Charge,” which heals it’s HP and also inflicts damage on surrounding enemies.

Yayakoma- A normal/fighting-type Pokémon that can use the fire-type move Flame Charge.

Gogoat- A grass-type Pokémon that uses “Horn Leech.” Players will be able to mount and ride this Pokémon while in the field.

Pokemon-X-Y-CoroCoro_05-11_001 Pokemon-X-Y-CoroCoro_05-11_002

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Pokémon X and Y Photos from CoroCoro

NOTE: I know that on N4G it said that these were new photos. Most of the content in this is not new. I have spoken with the person who posted it on N4G, who put an update on the page. Please still feel free to read.

Today I went out to New York City with my friend to go get some manga and check out the Nintendo World Store (again). When we were at the Japanese book store, Kinokuniya, I picked up volumes 1-10 of one piece and he got CoroCoro. The important thing out of all of this is that he pointed out that there were some images of Pokémon X and Y, so here you go!

other startersFroakie

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