More Pokémon X & Y Info From CoroCoro, 4 New Pokémon?

According to the incriminating evidence below, Pokémon X & Y will have four new Pokémon.

Yancham- A fighting-type Pokémon with a move called “Parting Remark.”

Elicitel- A electric/normal-type Pokémon that uses a move named “Parabola Charge,” which heals it’s HP and also inflicts damage on surrounding enemies.

Yayakoma- A normal/fighting-type Pokémon that can use the fire-type move Flame Charge.

Gogoat- A grass-type Pokémon that uses “Horn Leech.” Players will be able to mount and ride this Pokémon while in the field.

Pokemon-X-Y-CoroCoro_05-11_001 Pokemon-X-Y-CoroCoro_05-11_002

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